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EVENTS Intramural Sports Summer '24 Schedule

  • Self-Report Events

    • Event: Pickleball (Doubles)

      Registration Deadline: 7/10/24

      Event Start Date: 7/15/24

      All tournament format, rules, and policies can be found on our Campus Recreation website.

      IM Sports Pickleball (Doubles) is a self-paced event that allows teams to play at times that work for both teams and teams report the results to the IM Sports staff.  This format provides some flexibility for participants.  

      Participants will provide their TXST Net ID and TXST email will serve as a method for communication with your opponent to schedule a time to play your upcoming match that works for both teams.  If you would prefer to reach out to one another via phone – we would leave that up to you all for your preferred method of communication.

      Each captain will communicate via email to set up a time to play their match, once it has been completed, both team captains will submit the scores here so that the bracket can be updated and the next rounds of matches can be completed. 

      To have access to our Fusion IM site - please email with team name along with team members TXST Net ID.  Once IM Sports receive TXST Net IDs of each participant, team members will be assigned an IM Sports Pass to participate & team rosters will be formed allowing access to Fusion IM.

      The winning team will receive an Intramural Championship T-Shirt.