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Check out our remote options for guided fitness & work outs. Find a class that you can access at any time or find some new meal ideas.

Variety of Group Exercise Classes

We offer many different kinds of group exercise classes. Browse our class descriptions below of potential classes we may offer each semester.
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  • Cycle

    • Ready to push your cardio limit?? Then, Cycle 45 is for you! This class will have you sweating in no time and leaving you feeling ready to take on the rest of your day. Throughout class we will work through a variety of drills encompassing hills, sprints, and endurance paired with upbeat tunes to motivate you all the way to the cool down. Be sure to come to class with a water bottle and sweat towel
      (you’ll need it). Class is limited to 16 participants so be sure to get to class early to ensure your spot.

    • Short on time? Just need a quick shake out? Then Cycle Express is where you should be! We will warm-up quickly and work through hills, sprints, and endurance drills to get you in, get you sweaty, and on with your day. Even if it’s only 30 minutes, make sure your water bottle is filled to the brim. Class is limited to 16 participants so be sure to get to class early to ensure your spot.

  • Fusion Classes

    • Looking to improve your cardio game? Not only does this class give you the conditioning you need, it also helps build core strength. And who doesn’t want a stronger core?! Come to this class and knock out two birds with one stone. This class will spend 25-30 minutes challenging you on the bike and then change rooms to finish off your core.

    • A combo of your favorite heart racing cardio and the ultimate format for toning will have you feeling strong and ready to take on the rest of the week. Because if you can make it through this class you can get through anything (and you can totally get through anything).

    • Need to sweat a little and loosen up? CyFlow is the perfect class for you. Spend the first half of class on the bike followed by a vinyasa flow to calm your frustrations and bring you back to your center.

    • Your one stop shop for cardio and strength has finally arrived! You will spend half of the class cycling getting the heart rate higher and higher. The second half of the class will move into another room to focus on strength for all the gains.

  • Yoga

    •  Get ready for a fun workout! This is a more strength based yoga class with Vinyasa flow that may challenge participants to utilize their muscles and even break a sweat. It is for all levels, and each pose will be explained and demonstrated for a more efficient, productive class. 

    • Get ready for a stretch! This yoga class begins with a slight flow but consists mainly of stretching. This class will help you improve flexibility and movement in muscles. 

    • Beginner to intermediate Hatha-based yoga class. Posed are explained, and the focus in on correct alignment and breathing practices. This class is similar to power yoga but broken down with more room for learning and growth. It is slower paced and not as sweaty.

  • Strength

    • Want to learn more about resistance training and working with a barbell! This class is the perfect introduction to lifting weights safely. With cardio scattered between exercises with the barbell this class has everything you need to keep it going!

    • Your heart will reach new highs and get you ready for your trek across campus and the hills of San Marcos. During this class you will work on drills to test you cardiovascular, muscular strength, and coordination for an efficient and feel good workout. Each class will incorporate various equipment to help you get stronger, faster, and healthier (and sometimes even your own body can do that).

    • Just like HIIT 30 but longer. In the 45-minute High-Intensity Interval Training class you’re sure to get in more reps, more burpees, and sweatier than you thought possible. Don’t let that scare you because our instructors are ready to modify any move to fit your need.

    • This drill styled workout will leave you sweaty, sore, and stronger than when you walked through the door! Focusing on strength, endurance, and agility, bootcamp will take your mind and body to a new level. This is a great class for an introduction to lifting weights, while also having cardio integrated throughout.

    • In this 45-minute workout we’ll be focusing on drills to challenge your cardiovascular, muscular strength, and functional movement of your body for a well-rounded full workout. Taking place in the functional room downstairs in the rec, we’ll hit the turf and HIIT that heart rate.

    • Build endurance, strength, and athleticism with this class! Class will always be new and fresh and consist of strength training, cardio bursts modifiable to what your body needs while ensuring a full body workout.  

    • The world-famous suspension training system is now right in your own backyard. This piece of equipment uses your own body weight to give you a workout like never-before. Our instructors will lead you through a full body work out while incorporating bursts of cardio to get your heart rate and ready for a dip in the river.

  • Dance

    • Dance it out and get your heart rate up with this upbeat rhythmic cardio workout!

    • Move to the rhythm and work up a good sweat as we throw it back to the good ‘ol days of fitness. Leg warmers optional, fun mandatory.

    • Shortened to get you on your way quickly, move to the rhythm and work up a good sweat as we throw it back to the good ‘ol days of fitness. Leg warmers optional, fun mandatory.

    • Come shake off your day with some high energy Latin style dance and world rhythms. Our awesome instructors will be right along side you as learn the steps and feel the music.

  • Conditioning

    • Kick and hit your way through this high intensity work out. You will experience combos from various styles around the world including karate, kickboxing, martial arts, and muay thai.

    • Train to the beat with this infectious body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric workout. Every burpee, squat, punch, and kick is driven by the music.

  • Barre

    •  Move through ballet inspired movements to build strong and flexible muscles. This total body workout will use various equipment and body weight with high repetitions to work the entire muscle and make each class unique.

  • Aquatic

    • Use the added resistance of the water to build strong muscles in a low impact environment. During this class you will work through intervals to strengthen your entire body, including your heart.