Non-Student Memberships

Expired! Spring Memberships Ended in May

Students not enrolled in summer classes must buy a membership to "continue" using the Recreation Center.

$47 For Summer 1 session Continuing Student Membership

Expires July 3, 2024

$47 For Summer 2 session Continuing Student Membership

Starts July 5 and Expires August 25, 2024

$94 For Sum 1 and Sum 2 Continuing Student Membership

If the student was enrolled during the previous semester, current enrollment is not required. Please provide proof of prior enrollment when making a purchase.

$105 per semester Faculty/Staff Membership

Current benefit eligible employees (50% FTE or greater) or retired employees with a valid university ID card.

$130 per semester TXST Graduate Membership

Please show proof of degree completion with purchase. Congratulations Alumni!

$130 per semester Spouse Membership

Or domestic partner of a current student, faculty, staff, or Texas State graduate

$150 per semester DEPENDENT Membership

Ages 16-25 residing in the same household with current student, faculty, staff, or Texas State graduate.
SRC at night

Additional Info

  • Faculty/Staff can request payroll deduction
  • If a student is enrolled in at least one credit hour on the San Marcos campus during each semester, the $94 recreation fee is automatically assessed
  • Membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Memberships are limited to the university community
  • Semester memberships cover only one academic semester: Fall, Spring, or Summer.
  • Some membership rates are discounted halfway through each semester
  • Students' summertime membership fees can vary depending your enrollment status
  • TXST Graduates, Spouses, or Dependents please visit the Front Desk to purchase your membership in-person

Questions? Give us a Call

512-245-2940 regarding the San Marcos campus
512-716-4203 regarding the Round Rock campus