Climbing Center Rentals


Take your group to new heights with Climbing Center rentals tailored for your event! 

Rental Rates

First two hours (total)
Additional Hour
  • Rate Includes: Shoes, Harness, Facility Orientation 
  • Maximum group size: 25
  • Climbing Center rentals that impact normal open swim hours may be charged an additional fee.

Climbing Center Rental Policies & Procedures

Below are additional regulations, restrictions, and responsibilities for individuals and organizations as outlined by the Department of Campus Recreation.

    • All participants must be able to fit into a climbing harness. Climbing Center Attendants have the discretion to refuse any climbers who cannot wear a climbing harness as intended by the manufacturer
    • Climbers must weigh no less than 35 pounds and are recommended to be at least 6 years of age to climb
    • All minors must be accompanied by their parent and/or legal guardian when at the Climbing Center
    • Parent and/or legal guardians must remain in the Climbing Center area when their child is present
    • Minors climbing in the bouldering cave are required to have a spotter at all times
  • General Climbing Policy

    • A Climbing Center Acknowledgement of Risk and Policies form must be completed prior to participating at the Climbing Center
    • Participation in a Climbing Center orientation must be completed prior to participating at the Climbing Center
    • Climbing shoes are required while climbing and bouldering
    • Bare feet are not permitted in the Climbing Center area
    • Helmets are available for use but are not required
    • The Figure-8 follow-through is the only knot permitted for tying-in at the Climbing Center
    • Climbing or belaying while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted
    • The use of any mobile technology while climbing or belaying is not permitted
    • Lead Climbing is only permitted when designated lead climbing-certified staff are present
    • When lead climbers are present on the wall, the adjacent top-ropes may not be used if routes conflict
    • Unsafe conditions must be reported to a Climbing Center Attendant immediately

    Bouldering Policies

    • Spotters are strongly recommended when bouldering
    • All climbers must have at least an arm’s length of separation between themselves and other climbers
    • Bouldering is permitted on the climbing towers no higher than the first perma-draw, and if no other climbers are present on that section of the wall
    • Bouldering is permitted on the climbing towers no high than the first perma-draw and if no other climbers are present on that section of the wall.
    • No topping-out (climbing on top of) the bouldering wall.

    Equipment Checkout Policies

    • All equipment available for check-out at the Climbing Center is free of charge, including: ropes, harnesses, helmets, belay devices, and shoes
    • Climbers assume all liability resulting from the use of personal equipment when climbing
    • Personal ropes and quick draws are not permitted at the Climbing Center
    • Loose chalk is not permitted at the Climbing Center unless confined to a sealed chalk ball. Loose chalk on its own is not allowed


    • Climbing Center Attendants are available to belay and to perform Belay Assessments as time allows
    • A Belay Assessment must be passed each academic year to belay
    • A Lead Skills Assessment must be passed each academic year to lead climb or lead belay
    • A palm down belay technique is required, with the brake hand remaining on the rope at all times
    • Belay Assessments are conducted using a tube-style braking device; Gri-Gri’s, or other assisted braking devices, are only permitted for use by Climbing Center staff
    • Belay cards must be clearly displayed on a belayer’s harness at all times while belaying
    • Verbal commands and a safety check are required before every climb
    • Climbing Center capacity: 25
    • Rentals for the SRC Climbing Center require a minimum of 2 hours.
    • Participants may participate in a facility orientation prior to climbing.
    • All reserved spaces must be cleared completely within 15 minutes after the event's end.
    • Cancellations or rescheduling made more than ten (10) business days before the reservation date receive a full refund, less a $20.00 processing fee. 
    • Cancellations within ten (10) business days forfeit all payment. Rescheduling within ten (10) days is not guaranteed.
    • Payment is due one week prior to the event, unless paying by IDT (Inter-Departmental Transfer).
    • Payments can be made at the Student Recreation Center front desk by check, credit card, or cash.
      •  Checks must be paid out to Texas State University – Campus Recreation
    •  Failure to make payment within the specified timeframe may result in forfeiture of the reservation.
    • Personal articles must be kept in Climbing Center cubbies. 
    • Rental of the SRC Climbing Center does not grant access to other areas of SRC. 
    • The Department of Campus Recreation is not liable for charges or injuries incurred by the reserving group.
    • Groups must abide by Texas State Parking Rules; individuals are responsible for any parking tickets. 
    • Damage or insufficient cleanup will result in charges to the responsible group. 
    • Failure to adhere to any policies or procedures may forfeit the ability to utilize Campus Recreation facilities in the future

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