Sewell Park Policies & Pricing

Sewell Park General Policies & Procedures

Sewell Park policy is outlined in Texas State University UPPS 08.01.07. Below are additional regulations, restrictions, and responsibilities for individuals and organizations as outlined by the Department of Campus Recreation.

  • Display or consumption of alcoholic beverages in Sewell Park

    It is prohibited for any person to consume or display alcoholic beverages within Sewell Park (see SA/UPPS 05.03.03). This includes:

    • While standing, sitting, or walking along the water's edge.
    • Transporting alcohol to or from the river through Sewell Park.
  • Domesticated animals are not allowed at Sewell Park with the exception of:

    An appropriately trained Service Animal must meet the specific criteria outlined in the UPPS No. 07.11.01, Disability Services for Students and/or Procedures for Service or Assistance Animals at Texas State to be exempt from rules that otherwise restrict or prohibit animals on campus.

    • The university reserves the right to remove any person and their service animal that is being disruptive or exhibiting threatening behavior.
    • Service animals must be tethered at all times.

    If an unrestrained or unattended animal is observed, the university will attempt to locate the animal’s owner. If the owner is not located, the City of San Marcos Animal Services will be contacted to remove the animal from university property.

    The feeding of animal’s at large or wild animals is not allowed on Texas State University property.

  • The use of chalk on the ground, or other surfaces in Sewell Park is prohibited. 


  • It is prohibited to:

    1. Release any fish, baitfish, plant or other aquatic organism into the waters of the San Marcos River from Sewell Park.

    2. Fish, grapple, or catch and release, in an area where fishing is prohibited by signage.

    3. Fishing is prohibited from any bridge in Sewell Park.

    4. Fishing is only permitted from the watercraft access dock.

    • Campus Recreation activities have priority-use of the watercraft access dock. University employees may prohibit any informal use of the watercraft access dock, as deemed necessary.
    • Any persons fishing from the dock must give right-of-way to watercraft users or Campus Recreation participants.
  • Glass containers prohibited

    It is prohibited for any person to possess any glass container in Sewell Park.

    It is unlawful for any person to possess any glass beverage container in or on the waters of the San Marcos River (see Code 1970, § 18-10; Ord. No. 1995-14).

  • It is prohibited to:

    1. Hunt, harm, harass, disturb, trap, confine, catch, possess or remove wildlife from or in city parks.

    2. Light, build, or maintain a fire within Sewell Park except in a facility or device provided, maintained, or designed for such purposes.

    3. Collect or gather wood in Sewell Park.

    4. Camp in Sewell Park, or erect any enclosed structure (i.e., tents).

    5. Use any water or drinking fountain, pool, sprinkler, reservoir, lake, river or any other water body in the park for the purpose of washing or cleaning pets, themselves, their clothing or other personal belongings.

    6. Deposit wastewater, sewage, or effluent from sinks, toilets, or other plumbing fixtures upon or into the grounds of Sewell Park.

  • It is prohibited to:

    1. Drive a motor vehicle or an all-terrain vehicle in Sewell Park that is not an improved roadway with the exception of service vehicles approved by Campus Recreation staff.

    2. Park a motor vehicle or trailer in Sewell Park in any area that is not designated by signs or markings for parking.

    3. Operate or use a motor vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, or bicycle on a trail or path not designated and posted for use by such conveyances or to use a trail or path in a dangerous or reckless manner.

    4. Abandon, store or leave a vehicle, boat, trailer or other personal property in Sewell Park during park curfew hours or after closing time.

  • The following items are prohibited:

    • Styrofoam products including but not limited to coolers, ice chests, cups, plates, toys, floats, kickboards, rings or swim gear.
    • Portable tables, or any type of table 
    • Tents, tarps, sunshades, shelters, or umbrellas, other than hand-held umbrellas
  • Hammocks and Slacklines are only permitted when secured to established, mature trees in Sewell Park.

    • Trees must be appropriately sized, healthy, and stable. 
    • All slacklines must utilize tree-wraps to minimize impact.

    It is prohibited to:

    • Attach to any man-made objects, such as light posts or structures. 
    • Hang from any tree branches or limbs. Only the tree trunk may be attached to.
    • Secure more than one hammock and/or slackline to a single tree any time.
  • All swimming at Sewell Park is at your own risk. Lifeguards are not present or on duty.

    ​​​​​​​Jumping or diving from bridges or trees is prohibited.

  • It is prohibited to:

    1. Use any type of electric cooking appliance.

    2. Use any type of charcoal or wood cooking appliance, grill, pit, smoker, or apparatus.

    3. Use any type of cooker, fryer, or other oil-based appliance for cooking or heating food.

Event Policies & Procedures

  • AreaNumber of PeopleStudent OrganizationsUniversity DepartmentsNon-Affiliated
    Pavilionup to 50 $20.00$25.00$40.00
    Sewell Park East or Westup to 50$20.00$25.00$40.00
    Sand Volleyball Courts (per court)No Limit$10.00$15.00$30.00
    Basketball CourtNo Limit$10.00$15.00$30.00

    Fall & Spring: $100/hour minimum

    Summer: $175/hour minimum

    *Volleyballs and Basketballs included in rental, and are available upon request. 

  • Cancellations are eligible to be rescheduled at no additional cost.

    Groups that do not provide at least 48-hours notice of event cancellation or reschedule may not be permitted to request future reservations.

  • Large trash bins will be made available for use during an event, at no additional cost by the Outdoor Center.

    Event organizers are responsible for removing all trash from Sewell Park when the event is completed.

  • Generators are only permitted in conjunction with an approved Sewell Park event. 

    Generators must be location at a minimum of 50 feet away from the San Marcos River at all times. Event Staff will assist with placement at the time of reservation.

    Only battery power banks will be permitted. Fuel-powered generators are prohibited.

    Generator Buffer Map