Lifeguard & Swim Instructor Job Info

Video about being a lifeguard at Texas State (MP4, 50.1MB)
Video about being a lifeguard at Texas State

About working with Aquatics & Safety

We are hiring for Summer 2024!

We will have open interviews for lifeguards, swim instructors, and lifeguard instructors during the following times:

  • Tuesday, March 19th at 6pm
  • Wednesday, March 20th at 4pm
  • Friday, March 22nd at 12pm

Please make sure you bring a swimsuit and a towel as we will start with the three swim tests. 

To work all positions the following will be required:

  • Have and keep a GPA of 2.25 or higher throughout employment. 
  • You will need to produce ONE of the following options (original copies only): 
    • A driver’s license and social security card
    • Birth certificate
    • Passport

Lifeguard Info:

Candidates be able to pass the lifeguard prerequisite swims. Not sure if you can pass? We will help get you ready, just reach out! Below is a list of the tests, visit our website for more details on the requirements of each and a video for visual demonstrations!

  • 300 Swim 
  • Timed Event
  • 2 Minute Tread 


  • We ask lifeguards to work a minimum of 10 hours a week. Some guards are hired as subs and not required to work a minimum amount. University policy indicates you can work a maximum of 25 hours a week except during holiday breaks and summers (if not taking classes).
  • Most of the semester operates off a permanent schedule in which you will be assigned shifts according to your availability. During holidays/special hours guards scheduling may vary.
  • Lifeguards are responsible for finding their own subs.
  • Be enrolled in 6 hours of classes.  If not taking classes over the summer, you must be enrolled in the fall semester.


We provide the following routine and mandatory trainings to ensure our staff are fully equipped to handle any situation:

  • Skills Testing - All lifeguarding skills are tested every semester; It is considered part of the interview/re-interview process.  If you need to be re-certified and/or need to be trained in the new American Red Cross materials, a lifeguard re-certification will take the place of skills testing.
  • New Guard Orientation - a 4-hour orientation (split into 2 days) to being a lifeguard at Texas State
  • In-service trainings will be held once a week. These trainings are mandatory and required by Texas law. 


  • Texas State lifeguard t-shirt is provided; other shirts not permitted
  • Jewelry is prohibited while on duty for safety purposes.
  • A whistle will be provided, but any whistle on a breakaway lanyard can be worn.
  • Lifeguards may wear a lifeguard bathing suit of their choice. Suits must be athletic in nature with no ties or metal hooks. Supervisors have final discretion on which suits are not safe.

Other Important Info:

  • Our main location is the pools at the Student Recreation Center. Occasionally we lifeguard at Sewell Park for special events (additional trainings provided)
  • We guard swim lessons, open swim, sport club practices (Swim team, triathlon and water polo) and some academic fitness classes
  • New lifeguards start off at $11.00 an hour during the fall and spring.  Pay rate goes up to $16.00 an hour during the summer. 
  • While on the stand, guards' focus is 100% on surveillance; all other activity prohibited
  •  Skills are frequently tested, and guards with inadequate skills will be removed from schedule until they are able to improve (we will work with you!)
  • We highly peer lead. Lifeguards must be willing to respect the leadership of their peers.
  • EVERYBODY helps with minor maintenance tasks (but no scrubbing toilets!)

Swim Instructor Info:

  • There are mandatory orientation meetings and in-services for swim instructors help prepare you and continue to grow you as a professional
  • If assigned a group lesson class you must teach all lessons for the benefit of the participants
  • One on One lesson schedule is set by you! You provide when you are able to teach within a window of time and participants sign up for the schedule you set.
  • Next Swim Instructor (Water Safety Instructor) course is to be determined 
  • Certified Swim Instructors are paid $12.00 an hour
  • Instructors may wear a lifeguard bathing suit of their choice. Suits must be athletic in nature with no ties or metal hooks. Supervisors have final discretion on which suits are not safe.