Build your team with us!

Intentional experiences to grow

Using activities that are socially, mentally, physically, and environmentally challenging. Our staff will specially tailor a program to fit your group needs.

Request a team building program!

We prefer all program requests be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior of the anticipated program date.


30 feet up High Ropes Challenge Course

High Elements focus on individual achievements by providing the opportunity to push oneself both physically and mentally up to 30' in the air.

Down Low Low Ropes Challenge Course

Low Elements focus on the group as a whole by presenting problem-solving scenarios. Groups find success by working together to unlock each member's strengths.

Your site! Portable's Challenge Course

We bring our portable ground based initiatives and problem solving to you! Great for any class, residence hall, or groups with transportation barriers.

Program Facilitator Fees

$75 per facilitator charge is included for half day programs and $120 for full day programs, in addition to the per person rate below.

Pricing Minimum number of particpants

All groups will be charged for a minimum of 10 participants at the group rate as designated below.

Minimum of 2 facilitators per lows and 3 for highs.
Program Fees - Full Day Highs and Lows (6-8 hours)
Registered TXST Student Organizations$15
TXST Departments$26
Non-TXST - General Groups/Non-Profits$31
Non-TXST - Corporations/For-Profits$37
Program Fees - Full Day Lows (6-8 hours)
Registered TXST Student Organizations$10
TXST Departments$24
Non-TXST - General Groups/Non-Profits$28
Non-TXST - Corporations/For-Profits$32
Program Fees - Half Day Lows/Portables (up to 4 hours)
Registered TXST Student Organizations$5
TXST Departments$13
Non-TXST - General Groups/Non-Profits$15
Non-TXST - Corporations/For-Profits$17
Program Fees - Half Day Highs (up to 4 hours)
Registered TXST Student Organizations$8
TXST Departments$15
Non-TXST - General Groups/Non-Profits$18
Non-TXST - Corporations/For-Profits$22
Being vulnerable and allowing my team to guide me through activities was a profound experience that taught us how to communicate and trust again.
TXST Student
Fall 2021

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