Intramural Sports Rules


All Intramural Sports participants should read and abide by the Intramural Sports Policies and Rules. The purpose of the Policies and Rules is to ensure an equitable and enjoyable experience as possible for all participants and staff members.

  • Information before you play

    • Students, Faculty, & Staff are eligible to purchase an Intramural Sports Pass.  The Intramural Sports Pass is required for participation in Intramural Sports. For more information please visit Campus Recreation website for Membership & Registration information.

    • Purchasing the Intramural Sports Pass provides access to be able to participate in all Intramural Sport Program offerings, including league sports and tournaments, for the duration of the purchased pass.

    • Participants may only represent one team in a Men's or Women's league & one team in a Co-Rec league.  

      Example – In sand volleyball, Steve could legally play on the Birds in the men’s league and the Tigers in the co-rec league.  Steve cannot play on both the Birds and the Wolves in the men’s league.

    • Some sport rules specifically prohibit jewelry for the game for safety reasons; others do not have the same limitations regarding jewelry. You should check the specific rules for the sport in question. Note that recreational facilities are possible theft areas. Please secure your belongings or leave them at home. Intramural Sports is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

    • Intramural Sports games may occasionally be canceled due to inclement weather. In the event of cancellation, participants are notified via Fusion IM by email.

    • Throughout the regular season of a sport, team captains may add and accept players on their team at any time. All players must be on the online roster prior to the game they want to play in. At 4:00 pm on the day playoffs begin, your team’s rosters are “frozen.” Anyone planning to participate on your team for any game after that time must be added to your roster in advance.