Fusion IM

Fusion IM is the Intramural Sports scheduling software used by Campus Recreation.  This page is to assist all Intramural Sports participants with many frequently asked questions and serve as a resource for many how-to questions.  Please use the following information and links to assist you in the many facets and tools that Fusion IM provides.

If after viewing these resources your question can still not be answered, please email intramurals@txstate.edu.

How to Create a Team

Creating a team will be one of the main tasks you complete on Fusion IM.  The attached PDF How-To will take you step-by-step of how to create a team, join a team as a captain or player and how to become a Free Agent.

Managing Your Roster

You've made a team and picked your perfect division, now how will you fill and manage your roster?  This PDF will take you through the many details of managing your roster.  You will see how to invite players to your team, view your confirmed and pending roster as well as view the other features of your Game and Team Cards.

Playoff Draft

Congrats!  You've made it through the regular season and your team has qualified for playoffs!  This How-To will take you through how to navigate the Fusion IM Playoff Draft feature and how to pick your best spot in the bracket.

Remember to be eligible for the playoffs you must...

  • Have a .500 winning record
  • At least a 3.0 Sportsmanship Rating
  • Have no forfeits 

Fusion IM Icons

After logging into Fusion IM, you have a range of icons and options to choose from.  View this PDF to see what each of the icons mean and what they can accomplish for you.


If you still have more questions about Fusion IM, please try this PDF that has a list of frequently asked questions.  

For any and all questions not addressed in these documents please contact Intramural Sports via intramurals@txstate.edu