Intramural Sports Officials

Intramural Sports Official

Now Hiring!!!

Like the idea of working in sports? Intramural Sports hires over 100 students each year! Officials are needed for almost all intramural team sports including flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, and dodgeball. Training sessions are held in the weeks prior to the beginning of each respective season.

Intramural Sports Officials will start at $9.00/hour (No Previous Experience needed).

Attendance to the training sessions are required for the sport you are interested in officiating. You have the option to attend as many training sessions as you wish, and some officials do get hired for more than one sport.

Job details

  • Intramural officials represent the entry-level position available in Intramural Sports (IM Sports). There are numerous opportunities for promotion within the program, and many students receive a promotion after 1-2 semesters.
  • Hourly wage rate begins at $9.00/hour and officials.
  • Officials work approximately 6-12 hours a week; however, some work more and there are many opportunities to do so. Your schedule depends on your availability, and Intramural Sports understands that you are a student FIRST.
  • Intramural sports officials may be scheduled Sundays through Thursdays from 5:30 pm to 11:00pm. While there are no IM Sports events scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays, officials can also earn extra cash by being available for special events on those days.
  • Being an official is seasonal and officials are only required while games are being played. Intramural Sports are not played over semester breaks or when school is not in session.
  • All intramural officials must be an active student.
  • New officials are not required to know the rules of the sport as those are taught during the training session; however, a basic understanding of the sport is preferred and will assist in getting hired.
  • Once hired, officials are required to attend 8-10 hours of training that occur over two weeks before the season starts. This training is paid and must be attended in order to continue working.
  • Intramural Sports considers its student employees to be constantly learning in the co-curricular.  That means this job aims to develop transferable skills that will help you in both the classroom and your future profession.  We expect our student officials to:
    • Apply problem solving skills to effectively manage difficult situations and to mitigate conflict.
    • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of teamwork and collaboration and how to work with one another to achieve a common goal.
    • Effectively communicate to participants and colleagues in a professional setting, while also showing the ability to interact respectfully with all people.


BasketballFebruary 6 - 86:00 p.m.Student Rec Center
SoftballFebruary 21 - 226:00 p.m.Student Rec Center
Outdoor SoccerFebruary 27 - 296:00 p.m.Student Rec Center


For additional information concerning officiating, please contact the Intramural Sports Office at (512) 245-8090 or email